Parental Control Filters

Encouragement/ Awareness to customers by ISPs for installation of end user filters or Parental Control Filters. 
Few parental control filters sugges ted by MeitY include netnanny, K9, Kaspersky Safe Kids, SafeDNS, etc.  One of useful parental controls offered by ISPs globally is the ability to set up user accounts wherein user can create settings for each person so that kids are protected butadults have full access. There are also hardware options that can set controls at the router leve l so that all the computers and dev ices in home that use the Internet have the parental controls in place.

 Recently, International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has released ‘Guidelines for Child Online Protection(COP)-2020’ for Industry, Policy makers and Parents & Educators which provide best practices feature specific checklists for different stakeholders including netwo rk service providers (ISPs). These guidelines, available at https://www.itu-copguide, may be referred while framing policies, awareness campaigns and implementing network level controls including PCF measures for implementation in Mobile/ ISP network.

Therefore, considering the importance of protecting children in cyberspace, all TSP/ISP are requested to adopt COP measures in network, implement PCF and spread awareness among their subscribers about the use of network level filters and other filters available in machine OS/ browsers through messages of email, SMS, message on invoices, website, mobile apps etc