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A reliable, consistent and profitable internet connection is essential for various activities in today’s world, both at work and at home. However, a shared internet line with multiple users can reduce the speed and efficiency of the internet. To solve this problem, Interjet offers different internet plans that suit the needs and preferences of different customers. We are one of the best internet leased line providers in Pondicherry, and we guarantee high speed and dedicated internet leased lines to our customers.


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Get dedicated lease lines to your premises at a lower cost than ever before



Most reliable service
You can trust us to deliver the best quality service in the industry.


Ultrafast connection
Enjoy the benefits of ultrafast connection with our reliable and affordable service.


Guaranteed speeds
With our service, you can enjoy guaranteed speeds that meet your needs and expectations.


Uncontended bandwidth
Get the full speed and capacity of your internet connection without sharing it with others.

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We’ll support you every step of the way; we’ll consult, design and install your solution, taking you through each stage, making sure you continue business as usual throughout.

Do business faster and more efficiently than ever before with your own private connection.

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