Interjet internet FAQs

  • QA : 01
    What types of internet connections does InterJet offer?

    • InterJet provides both wired and wireless connections, including high-speed fiber-optic and broadband options, catering to various user preferences.
    • They offer customized plans to suit individual or business needs, ensuring flexibility in choosing the right connection type.

  • QA : 02
    Is customer support readily available for technical issues?

    • Yes, InterJet offers 24/7 customer support to address any technical concerns or service interruptions promptly.
    • They have a local service center in Pondicherry, ensuring quick on-site assistance when necessary.

  • QA : 03
    Are there any data usage caps with InterJet's plans?

    Broadband internet is a high-speed internet service that provides fast and reliable connectivity to access the internet. The term "broadband" refers to the ability to transmit

    • InterJet's plans typically come with generous data allowances, and most packages do not have strict data usage caps except FUP Plans
    • Customers can enjoy uninterrupted internet usage without worrying about exceeding data limits, promoting a seamless online experience.

    Making it possible to stream videos, play online games, and download large files quickly and efficiently.

  • QA : 04
    Is Interjet available in all areas of Pondicherry?

    • Interjet has extensive coverage across Pondicherry, but availability may vary by location.
    • Contact their customer support to check if your area is covered.

  • QA : 05
    Does InterJet offer Wi-Fi routers and installation services?

    • InterJet provides Wi-Fi router rental and professional installation services, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free setup for your home or business.
    • These services can be included as part of your package or purchased separately.

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