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Top 7 Things to Know about Leased lines… First, So what is a Leased Line Internet Connection?

A leased line is a dedicated internet connection with a fixed bandwidth. If your business demands more data usage, then a leased line connection is sure to give you a high quality, great upload and download speed, and high uptime. The word “Leased” is used because this internet connection is rented out by the Internet Service Provider directly to a business and hence it is beyond a broadband connection.

Here are the top 7 things to know about leased line internet connections before you sign up for your business.

Top 7 Things to Know about Leased line

Dedicated Bandwidth

When you choose a leased line connection, you are signing up for dedicated bandwidth. You are reserving the bandwidth for yourself and no one else is sharing this with you. Unlike broadband, the bandwidth doesn’t fluctuate during peak i.e., when other customers of the same leased line provider use their connectivity at the same.

Internet Connection can be a subset of the leased line but not the other way!

This is the most interesting part. Some internet leased line companies may suggest that you take an internet connection along with the leased line. Well, the truth is that even if you get an internet connection separately, your problems with the leased line if not done correctly will still exist.

Symmetric Upload and Download

When we say symmetric speed, all it means is that uploads and downloads happen at the same speed. Whatever you sign up for will be available dedicated to you, for example, if you sign up for a 10 Mbps connection; this will not be shared by any other user. It will be solely reserved for your use, which makes the downloads and uploads faster, consistent, and symmetric.


Generally leased line connections work on a longer contractual basis. This increases the chances of your business getting a comfortable network infrastructure as the internet service provider will certainly invest in a solid network. With this setup, performance can be demanded from the service provider and this service availability assurance is measured by uptime which is usually 99.95% committed by the internet service provider. Don’t settle for anything less.


If you plan to expand your business or the number of users of data and processes, an internet leased line is the best option. Without any difficulties, it is only upgrading of service plan which will enable a no-nonsense process and highly reliable network.

Defined SLA

See if your Leased line provider gives you a guarantee that, if any issues occur, will be fixed within a defined period. Generally, this issue resolution time will be the metric that your service provider will commit to. A good and confident leased line company will commit to resolving the issue within 4 hours of reporting a complaint. As a customer, you can define this.

Always go for a Ring

When your leased line company offers you various choices for ILL connectivity, this jargon might overwhelm you. All you need to ask is if he provides the connection on a single path or with a backup path. The leased line service provider might charge a bit more for a backup path. But it is worth opting for it, coz you will have a whole infra to support your connection. 

Always choose a ring, not a spur. Spur means you are getting only one production path. The ring means if one path fails, the backup line is used to continue the connectivity.

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