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Broadband Plans in Pondicherry

INTERJET: Best Internet service provider in Puducherry

Interjet, is one of India’s fastest-growing broadband service networks. Now we offer fiber broadband services like Individual, Leased lines & SME in Puducherry.

This Puducherry-based internet service provider INTERJET offers high-speed fiber-optic broadband services to residential and business enterprise customers in Puducherry.

Why choose Interjet?​

Many ISP companies offer wireless broadband services in India; however, Interjet provides a fast, uninterrupted, seem-less, and hassle-free network to its users. Competing with large companies, we offers more benefits at reasonable prices.

Reasons for choosing Interjet over other networks:

  • High reliability
  • Excellent customer support
  • Symmetric and dedicated bandwidth
  • Secure and High-speed data transfer rate
  • Excellent download and upload speed
  • Robust presence in coverage areas
  • Fastest Wi-Fi, speed connectivity
  • Easy to access

Interjet Home Broadband

Interjet offers multiple plans for home broadband to ensure they’re able to meet all their customer’s requirements, be it budget or speed.

We have broken the fibernet broadband plans in Pondicherry into prices, data availability, validity, and benefits separately to avoid confusion. Just find the perfect pack for yourself from below.


100Mbps 100Mbps 1000GB ₹699
200Mbps 200Mbps 1000GB ₹999
300Mbps 300Mbps 1000GB ₹1299
500Mbps 500Mbps 500GB ₹999
500Mbps 500Mbps 1000GB ₹1499
500Mbps 500Mbps 1500GB ₹1999
800Mbps 800Mbps 200GB ₹1299
800Mbps 800Mbps 400GB ₹1799
800Mbps 800Mbps 1000GB ₹2999


100Mbps 100Mbps UNLIMITED ₹799
200Mbps 200Mbps UNLIMITED ₹1199
300Mbps 300Mbps UNLIMITED ₹1499
500Mbps 500Mbps UNLIMITED ₹2999
800Mbps 800Mbps UNLIMITED ₹3999

However, please note that in addition to the costs mentioned below, you’ll have to pay the amount according to your plan and 18% GST on the cost of the plan.

Key features of Interjet broadband

Almost every Interjet broadband review acknowledges it as the fastest-growing internet service providing organization and has acquired a leading position in high-speed broadband services. In fact, Interjet is known for its fast-speed internet service, which enables its users to access the best possible bandwidth in the city. As per popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon prime video.

Interjet is the best internet service provider for streaming content. Interjet aims to assist you in growing your business by providing you the top-class internet network service.

Here are some key features:

  • Secured network
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Maintain regular feedback
  • Proactive technical support
  • Symmetric bandwidth
  • Fiber Optic Xperience (FOX) for excellent internet experience
  • Best at data handling and management
  • Highly flexible and cost-effective internet plans
  • Fantastic Broadband Plans & Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Advantages of Interjet

  • Never slow down at any moment
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Hassle-free services for your business
  • Brilliant at Leased Line Connectivity Service
  • Excellent customer support
  • Great reliability
  • The complete secured connection between two offices for private data transfer
  • Best connectivity for Data, Video & more
  • Faster upload & download speeds

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